Given that 30% of new hires falter or fail, investing in onboarding coaching can reduce the risk of this happening. Our intensive bespoke onboarding coaching process targets the key areas and helps new recruits assimilate seamlessly into their organisation. The process falls into four phases:

Step One

Before the new hire ‘lands’ in the organisation, coach and client meet to prepare for this. This session focuses on the new organisation and ensures that the client is clear about how they want to manage their first few weeks, who they want to meet, in what order and what they want to get out of these different interactions.

Step Two

The coach will interview a number of the new hire’s key stakeholders to obtain insights into the expectation of the individual along with insights into the organisational culture. This frequently proves invaluable in accelerating the person’s assimilation into the business.

Step Three

As the client arrives in the business, they receive feedback from the interview and prepare for their first few weeks, refining their induction plan and ensuring that it is aligned and integrated with the organisation's plan.

Step Four

The coach helps the client prepare for their ’90 day review’ – what have they learned, what do they think needs to be changed, how do they want to work with their team and what impact do they want to make. They also consider how to ‘socialise’ this with the key stakeholders.