As a coach, David has developed a reputation for being empathetic with his clients, yet at the same time challenging them to consider both what they are doing and how they are doing it - there are no ‘cosy fireside chats’.


I have a saying, if you want growth seek criticism not praise’. Praise makes you feel good, which is important, but criticism gives you information which you can use to improve yourself. Thankfully David’s approach is rather more professional and balanced than mine used to be. He is a proven winner and a highly credible guy.

He is helping me reach even higher levels in my career...

He has great listening skills as well as the ability to help clients deconstruct complex commercial issues by asking a succession of often obvious, but incisive questions that enable clients to see things clearly and develop ways and means of tackling problems differently.

David has designed a range of coaching processes that can be tailored to suit the needs and aspirations of his clients and client organisations. These always focus on tangible and real outcomes and he ensures that agendas are aligned to those of the organisation and that they consist of transparent and SMART objectives.