Conventional outplacement activity has not always recognised the particular needs of executives to tailor an approach to suit their own specific aims and ambitions while at the same time providing them with challenges to these pre-conceptions. We seek to gain an in depth understanding of our clients as individuals and use a range of tools to facilitate future-focused discussions. These interventions will be of value to individuals who wish to progress in their career, take stock and change course, or consider a portfolio approach.

Ours is a bespoke coaching-led approach, based on some key principles and processes yet flexible enough to adapt to the specific objectives of the individual concerned. Assistance with transition will ensure that clients are able to manage their exit, find their next role, and make a successful start in their new role with positive impact.

Step One:  Understanding you and your career

During this stage we begin the process of understanding our clients and their career to date; the highs and lows of their career so far and their aspirations and plans for the future. Amongst the tools we may use will be appropriate psychometric tests to provide them with greater personal insights and self awareness. Initial work on a CV will start at this stage to ensure that it is appropriately tailored to the target audiences.

Step Two:  The job search

We will support our clients in their research of the market and how to use executive search companies to best effect and in particular, help them to optimise their time and activity. Now focusing on the search for the next role, much of the time will focus on how to enhance and develop networks as well as completing and managing their CV. Using a number of our own tools, we will review the basis of the search as our client’s parameters are explored and challenged e.g. location, sector, ongoing career plans.

Step Three:  Interview preparation

Using the CV, career aspirations and ideally an invitation to interview, this stage will prepare our client to succeed at interview. It will support them in their company research and they will be challenged in ‘real time’ at a mock interview to ensure they have a full understanding of the organisational issues of the company that they are interviewing with. We would also ensure that they have given detailed thought as to what their initial plans would be on entry. Clients will also receive feedback on personal impact and will explore how their leadership behaviours and competencies align with their chosen role.

Step Four:  Preparing to move on

This stage will help the client assess a range of job offers, negotiate an offer and focus on the transition into the new role. It will ensure that they have developed their own ‘induction plan’ to complement that of the new organisation so that entry into the new role is both seamless and impactful. Much of this discussion would overlap with the first session of an ‘onboarding’ coaching programme.

In total, we would expect to meet with our clients for six 1½ to 2 hour face to face sessions over a period to suit the client and their own timetable and activity. Our clients are able to access our coaches outwith these 1:1 sessions by phone or email as required at no extra cost.